Hello my sweet, sweet friends,

WE’RE HOME!!!!!!

yep, that’s right my husband (<—— love saying that) and i arrived home from our honeymoon late thursday night. we got home to all of our stuff in the middle of every room (our landlords painted the place while we were gone) but nevertheless we placed our mattress in a nook in our dining room and had a good ol sleepover. we slept in that nook for two nights while James painted the main wall in our bedroom with chalkboard paint (we got BIG plans for that wall, just you wait).

i can’t wait to give you a home tour. i seriously LOVE our place…our bedroom is all set up and it’s really a dream.

looking back on the past two and half weeks is madness. so many memories stored up in this sparkling heart of mine. i can’t wait to divulge about the wedding (which for the record, was THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE). i can’t wait to tell you about our incredible honeymoon. ohhhh, there’s so much i want to say…but let me start with this..

Source: etsy.com via Monique on Pinterest

i loved every single minute of being back in my home church. James & i are very, very, blessed to be part of an amazing church. we were bombarded with love & kindness from our sweet friends.

James & i found it incredibly hard to transition our minds from honeymoon mode. the season ahead of us is very full but the moment we got back home we knew in our heart it’s going to be an amazing one.

God is amazing. i am blown away from his goodness. He has blessed us with SOOO MUCH.   we are more than ready to be poured out for His glory.