i married a freaking supermodel. ok warning you, this post may be a bit gushy…mainly because this morning james + i said goodbye. sad. he’s off to a men’s retreat in princeton..and he’s not back until late monday night (!!!!!!)  this is the first time we haven’t slept in the same bed together since we were married. since i don’t want to sleep alone for four nights, i’m off to vancouver tonight! i’m stoked for some hangs with my lovely friend (& bridesmaid) courtney! also excited to see my friend mahkeela and check out the brand spanking new, topshop..(be still my heart). i have a very limited shopping budget (welcome to married life) so i’ll probs do some window shopping as well ha. 

so last night was wednesday night which means…date night! we went to zambris and feasted on incredible italian food. after that james had a BIG surprise for me at home….OUR WEDDING VIDEO! him and his good friend logan had been scheming. here’s some back story….

i knew james had a surprise for me at the wedding but i didn’t know what it was going to be. i had asked for a song awhile before and he said he didn’t want to stress out with writing and performing…i totally believed him. anyways, a couple nights before the wedding he said he was busy the entire evening. i was mad but just trusted him. (fyi the week before the wedding is very stressful for brides) i had no idea what he was up to but i heard from his mom that him and logan got in at 5:30am! and his sister joy got in at 3am. i knew something was up.

well at the wedding he totally surprised me by singing the most beautiful song he wrote. it was an absolutely incredible moment.

fast forward to now. i knew logan was working on the video and i assumed he was using our processional song (home by edward sharpe). about a week ago logan told me that the video was almost done. i was getting very excited to see it. but a couple days ago logan told me that someone knocked a fish tank over his computer and it died. i believed him (i’m extremely pretty gullible ha) he said it would take awhile to edit it all over again.

it turns out james was waiting for a special night to show it to me and knew that if i knew it was done i’d be pestering logan to send it. so last night was the night. and the video wasn’t the only surprise. the big surprise was the song that accompianied it…

oh remember that super late night james and his friends had before the wedding? turns out they were recording the wedding song!!! I HAVE THE BEST HUSBAND IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! i can’t wait to share the video + song with you…probably next week :)

for now i’ll listen to the song over and over as i write thank you cards on the ferry trying not to miss james like crazy…can’t wait for monday night!!!!!!

have an awesome weekend my loves!