today is wednesday.

which means tonight is wednesday night.

which means … date night.

a night where i pray the clock hands would rotate a half second slower.

ohhhhh, date night. i like you … a lot.

i guard wednesday nights like a mama bird guarding her babes. 

date night is sacred.

we live very full lives. very full, sometimes crazy, but insanely blessed lives.

so wednesday nights are a breath of fresh air to me. a night with my man + me. 

laughter. love. deep talks. good food. fun. adventure. dreaming. praying.

on our honeymoon we decided to unplug from the world (no facebook, twitter, phone calls, text messages, instagrams) … it was the best decision. seriously, if you haven’t tried it, you must!

we keep the same rules for date night. no texting, calling, face booking, tweeting, instagram-ing (ok we do bring the iPhone along to take photos for future instagrams, but it’s on airplane mode..ha!)

i was given this amazing book from one of my mentors & friends, lisa. it’s called one thousand gifts (busy women, it’s a must read!) and in it the author quotes 'wherever you are , be all there.'

wherever you are, be all there. imagine if we gave every moment our full attention. bam. i’m quick to be distracted. my mind needs to be doing something at all times. but i’m working on it, slowly. i’m learning, well, trying to. 

baby steps.

so tonight, i’ll be leaving my moment-stealing, mind-distracting, mobile at home.




couples, do you have a specific night of the week for date night?

how do you get away from all the distractions?

what are your tips on being fully there in every situation?