So I had a wedding nightmare last night. It was my second wedding nightmare to date.

Somehow it was the day of my wedding and the ceremony was just starting. As the first song was being sung, I snuck a peek in the mirror and realized I hadn’t started my make-up yet…thankfully I was in my dress but my makeup wasn’t done and my hair do was already falling out and I couldn’t find my shoes….HORROR….and then I started to worry about the dessert bar at the ceremony…apparently that was a big deal because I called Shawna frantically to pick up some 5cent candy…and then I realized that I hadn’t even started writing my vows yet…and then I realized that the photographer hadn’t showed up….and then, praise the Lord, I woke up. 

I’m not worried because all of those things will get done…and I won’t forget what’s actually important…that I’m marrying my incredible moG…that my friends & family get to celebrate and that God is going to be lifted up in our love. Buuuutttt…..i’d really, rather not stress, especially in my sleep…

Married & engaged peeps, help me out! Did you have wedding nightmares too?

Life’s getting a bit cray cray round here. Moving to Pop’s for a month, finding a home for August 1st, preparing to preach at Imadene, serving at Nanoose, and not to mention planning a wedding, oh and all the other work too….

But God is good. He is constant. He is faithful! That is my current mantra..I’m finding myself repeating those truths over and over and over.

God is good. God is constant. God is faithful.