So being the organizational freak that the Lord created me to be, I knew that I needed a Wedding Planning Book. I was going to head on over to Chapters and grab me one..but I’m not one of those “normal” people who have a one-year engagement (seriously, short engagements are the way to go). Most of those books have a 12 month+ checklist. Since the wedding is in less than 5 months (!!!!!!!!!!), I decided..I’m going to make my own freaking Wedding Planning Book!!

And you know what…YOU CAN TOO!

side note- you may be all gung-ho and stoked and then you realize, heck, i’ve never been married! what on earth should even be on my to-do list in this book!!?!?!? Don’t fret! Simply go to the queen of weddings website and copy her checklist! 

Wedding Planning Book-

1. Supplies needed: Blank Notebook (i adore & used these ones), post it tab notes, tape, scissors & a pen. Oh, and Rachel Stuart (unless you can doodle your own portrait)!

2. Start by deciding what categories you need. (You can add more as you think of them)

I have To-Do, Budget, Guest List, Ceremony, Reception, Photos & Music so far.

3. Write the category on the post it note and cover with tape to solidify.

4. Design the cover! If you don’t have a talented bestie or can’t draw your self, design something on photoshop or do a sweet collage!

5. Have fun planning away!

Cost of project- Under $10 (yeeeeeeeeaaaahhhh!!!)

So yah, there you go…! You can go and buy your own planning book or you can MAKE YOUR OWN…which will be personalized & not cluttered with crap junk you don’t need!

Happy Wednesday! 

Tonight we’re doing round 2 of registering at The Bay…BOOOYAH!