flowers 2.0

Flowers 2.0

I think that God probably knows a way to a girl’s heart.

Scratch that.

God knows full well exactly the way to a girl’s heart. My faithful readers will know the story about God giving my grandmother flowers on her sixtieth wedding anniversary. (If you don’t go creep it, amazing story).

Every girl loves receiving flowers. Chocolate is amazing, clothes are iffy but flowers, flowers seep into a girl’s heart. Smiles are guaranteed to dance upon each receiver’s face. There is something incredibly special about receiving flowers. Beauty is released as the flowers live out their short life. I always loved watching each one bloom in its own unique way. Every time I pass them, I can’t help but stop to inhale the fragrance.

We hosted a girl’s conference this past weekend. It is my heart that young girls would come to know there is a God in Heaven who loves them and believes in them. That he equips, enables, & empowers them to live out their dreams. Illuminate (the conference) is all about that. It was ridiculously fun. In 1.5 days we do a lot. We have three main sessions with worship & speaking, workshops, guys panel, karaoke party, and tons more.

The end is always my favourite part. The last set of worship was incredible, absolutely incredible. (We are so blessed to have such anointed, talented, humble worship leaders/musicians!!) The girls really went all out. They worshipped whole heartedly, oozing out passion, singing love songs to their Maker. You couldn’t help but smile seeing them go absolutely crazy for the last praise song.

That last song is followed by the grand finale. My friend Aaron, with a voice like John Legend closed the night singing “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. At that moment, hundreds of balloons gracefully floated down from the ceiling. It was such a beautiful sight. Girls smiling, ear to ear gazing up at the ceiling watching the balloons fall, knowing full well their Father in Heaven loves them.

(If any guys are still reading this, I’m sorry it’s so cheesy. Embrace it, the really cool part is coming up.)

So right before the girls exit the conference, they each receive a single rose. To save some costs this year, we ordered the roses from an online flower company in the states. In the insanity of planning/speaking at the conference, I didn’t realize the flowers didn’t arrive until 6pm Friday.

To make a long story short…the flowers didn’t arrive in time.

I was pretty bummed but some of the team went out Saturday afternoon to see what they could scrounge up. Shortly after the team had left I received a phone call from my pastor. Extreme outreach had been donated 66 dozens roses and called my pastor to see if we need them for Illuminate.


Sixty-six dozen roses were donated. Seven hundred ninety-two roses to be exact. Seven hundred ninety-two roses donated two days before Valentines Day. I can only think of someone that powerful to orchestrate that kinda thing. God didn’t want those girls to go home empty handed. He took our effort of 100 and multiplied it to almost 800.

Isn’t He amazing? He loves us. Truly, absolutely, intensely loves us.

Another quick Valentines story… My dear friend who went through a bad break-up last year was obviously not looking forward to Valentine’s Day. Well gorgeous flowers were sent to her office, with a note that said, ‘You are worthy of my endless pursuit. Love, Jesus.’

God is Love. 1 John 4

What more can I say?

Stay gold, s.s.♥.