love that lasts.

I’m in Parksville. It’s grand. A beauty. There’s something about waking up, walking to the window and seeing miles upon miles of sand and sea stretched before you. It’s breathtaking. 

As I was lying on my towel this morning trying to add some colour to my pasty-ness something much more beautiful than the gorgeous landscape caught my attention. Across the empty beach I could hear two old brits laughing away on their walk.

These two old brits are my great aunt & uncle from England. We’re all staying here for a few days on their Canadian visit. There is something about these two that just make my heart sparkle. 

So as soon as I heard the laughter, my sister and I went towards them on the beach. They were standing in a tidal pool just laughing away. My Uncle John was holding their shoes. Something about that simple act grabbed my heart. 

We took photos, made jokes, and talked about life. Soon enough they walked back towards the condo and my sister and I returned to our towels to get more sun. 

See the thing that just makes this heart sparkle, is not their kindness, it’s not their humor, it’s their love.

I have never seen anyone more in love than these two.

They’re in their eighties and they are the most affectionate couple I have ever seen. He calls her “my girl” and she calls him “my boy”. The night before we were eating dinner and as he grabbed her plate, she reached out and grabbed his hand and just held it. In the past 24 hours we’ve been with them, he’s probably called her gorgeous more than 10x. 

The way they look at each other you just know their love is a love that lasts. More beautiful than any landscape that is worthy to be painted is a love that lasts. 

I can’t wait for initial fireworks, for fun, for romance but above all I desire this love that grows with wrinkles, that enlarges with loss of sight, that is stronger as you are weaker…a love that lasts.

stay gold,