james & i found ourselves dreaming a bit on saturday evening. we enjoyed a great dinner at pizza prima strada for my dad’s birthday (followed by dq ice cream cake of course!) 

it was such a beautiful evening that we decided to take a drive. we found ourselves driving through the streets of fairfield dreaming of our future home. the one we will eventually buy and raise our children in. we talked about many things and prayed that one day, when the time is right God would find us our home (who knows where that may be! fingers crossed for southern california..jk)

in our future home james dreams of having a studio/jam space and i dream of an office. a cute office with light pink or white walls filled with inspiration.

here is what my “office space” currently looks like…

currently the office is in the corner of our dining room. i wanted the desk to be by the window so i could glance out at our gorgeous street…although, i kid you not, i just looked outside to a creepy neighbour on his deck waving at me from the apartments across the street…needless to say, i just closed the blinds… uhhh moving on…

take a peek at some offices that get my heart sparkling…


i absolutely love emily schuman’s office, although i wouldn’t be able to keep mine as minimalistic as this..

i love the white + black palette of this one and the simple motivating art.

in love with the peach chair + bronze frames of this one.

how cute is the inspiration board in this one!!!

one day i’ll have an office space i love but until then i’ll happily type away at my desk by the window (blinds down when creepy neighbour is out on his deck…)

stay gold,