Two blogs in one day..for reals, for reals.

I have had the great privilege of seeing my favourite bands live. The Cure, MUSE, Bloc Party, The Killers and most recently, Arcade Fire.

Ah-mazing. One of the most surprising things was how few people were lined up on Tuesday afternoon. My sister and I showed up 2 hours before the doors opened and there were probably only 40 other people. INSANE. We had floor tickets, rushed in and snagged front row. I had to pinch myself to see if it was actually real. I was a late discoverer of Arcade Fire and only actually started to devour their albums in 2009.

The show was phenomenal. Eight members literally danced themselves onto the stage. Each member plays a plethora of instruments. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, that maybe even some of you were at their show at Lucky years ago where I heard they climbed onto the roof and played on the pipes (!!!!!).

Music, lyrics, talent..everything about them is amazeballs. But one thing stood out to me…their sheer passion and joy for what they do. (Ok, two things.)

One thing that I love, love, love, love seeing is people doing what they were meant to do. I can’t really explain it, but you just know, you just know. You know in your soul and in your heart. Deep down, you get this feeling that it is right and good.

As soon as Arcade Fire took the stage the feeling came. My heart sparkled at their passion, their energy. They were beaming from ear to ear. They absolutely LOVED what they were doing. The passion was literally dripping from their faces. (I have a few videos on Facebook, you should really lurk them and have a look). I left the concert sparkling, inspired, in love, content, etc.

And then I got thinking/convicted… I want to live life with that kind of passion, that kind of joy, where others leave inspired, sparkling, content.