there is something pretty special about going to a woman’s conference. i went to my first one in london (hillsong’s colour conference) when i was 18 years old. i left that weekend smiling ear to ear. i seriously floated out of wembley arena believing that God loved me dearly, that He had a plan for my life, that i was called and chosen and that i was surrounded by a sisterhood who would encourage me along the way.

almost 9 years have gone by since that first conference and i still love going to woman’s conferences. i still leave with truth imprinted upon my heart. i still leave smiling ear to ear. 

this past weekend i attended she loves conference at relate church in surrey. we gathered a bunch of women from our church and loaded them on our big bus! it was ah-mazing. first of all, the conference is led by the incredible helen burns. this woman is hands down one of the most encouraging people i have ever met! she has such a huge heart for empowering women (especially across canada). her message on God’s garden thursday night spoke to me on so many levels.

the other speakers at the conference were monica prescott and lisa bevere. monica spoke two awesome messages, i especially loved the second one, ‘up your ask’ (lols!!) which was all about being shamelessly persistent in your prayers. i was so challenged on going to God first, actually asking Him to intervene (and believe that He will!!) and not just trying to do it my own way (because that never seems to work, ha). already i’ve seen answers to something i prayed on saturday…ptL!

and lisa, oh the lovely lisa bevere. this woman ooozes out amazing-ness. seriously. she’ll have you in laughter and tears within 5 minutes of her speaking. she is so anointed. i was literally on the edge of my seat during both of her messages. friday night’s message absolutely wrecked my heart. it was such a beautiful message on the power of forgiveness. ohhh Jesus, it was so incredible. i’m so excited to buy her new book, girls with swords (and you should be too!)  forgive me for the crappy photo but the woman preached in a leather shift dress, she’s so major.

and probably the best thing about the weekend was getting away with my girlfriends, new and old. i had many inspiring, hilarious & beautiful conversations with these lovely ladies.

and then to top the entire experience off, my AMAZING husband picked me up at the end of it all with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. i wish i took a picture of him coming onto the bus all spruced up holding the flowers. i married a keeper for sure.

if you ever get the chance, go to a woman’s conference! you’ll leave feeling full, excited, loved, cherished, ready to BLOOM! #flourishbabyflourish

and if you’re in high school, join us for illuminate next february! ;)