So Halloween is merely two days away...usually I've got my costume planned by now but this year I think James, Coco & myself are going to have a quiet night in with A LOT of candy and maybe a scary movie...(I'm a real chicken, so we'll see)

What about you? What are you up to? And more importantly, what are you going to wear?

But wait, before you answer that, can we have a little chat? A little heart to heart about Halloween costumes? 

As a child I remember wearing some pretty awesome Halloween costumes...pumpkin with balloons stuffed inside, a California Raisin...even a hand sewn playing card with a matching head piece (I was the Ace of Hearts incase you were wondering).

But something in me shifted when I entered high school...my awesomely creative costumes were tossed aside for much less than awesome costumes...french maid, moulin rouge girl, sexy cop...yeah not the wisest costume choices.

But you don't have to make the same mistake that I did. You have the chance to pick a super awesome creative costume that you could wear in front of your grandma and she would be like, "Your costume is so on point!" instead of having a heart attack or fainting when you show up trick or treating dressed as a school girl.

Here's a few reasons why you should consider wearing an awesome non-scandalous Halloween costume this year...

  1. It's original! Non-scandalous costumes totally force you to step out of the box and find something original. 
  2. Scandalous costumes are so overdone. I mean come on!! How many cheerleader and nurse costumes do you see on Halloween. A billion! How many Bjork in the famous swan dress costumes do you see? Yeah that's what I thought.
  3. It's too cold to go out wearing hardly any clothes. It's October 31st...practically November...practically WINTER! I remember one Halloween when it SNOWED! No one wants to be caught in a snowstorm wearing booty shorts and fishnets. NO ONE.
  4. Chances are you could wear your non-scandalous costume again. Especially if you consider going as Holly Golightly. I mean come on, give me an excuse to buy a simple black dress and pearls!
  5. You'll look back and chuckle instead of looking back and cringing. Take this from an ESHCW (Ex Scandalous Halloween Costume Wearer). You'll actually want to repost your Halloween costume on a #tbt.

So if you're still stuck on a Halloween Costume, consider some of these awesome non-scandalous ones...

Frida Kahlo by Kaela Napier

Halloween Costume Ideas
Halloween Costume Ideas

Bjork Swan Costume by A Beautiful Mess

Halloween Costume Ideas
Halloween Costume Ideas

Mary Poppins by Lauren Conrad


Now I'm off to research a costume for Coco....I'm thinking girl cat boss? What do you think?

Hope you have a safe and fun Halloween!