Do you buy something for your sweetheart for valentines? We don't get gifts for each other at Valentines but I did request a card and chocolate because pregnancy + chocolate = a dang good combo. If you need a cute card, I got you covered (CLICK HERE FOR FREE PRINTABLE VALENTINES CARDS!) But honestly, Valentines decor/gifts makes me so happy. I just can't get enough of pale pink, red, and hearts so obviously I made a gift guide!

Valentines Inspired Gift Guide!

1. Earrings
2. BLAH BLAH BLAH Notebook
3. Dark Hearted Water Bottle
4. Gold Lipstick Mug
5. Candle
6. Heart Dish

Ahhhhh, isn't that heart dish soooo cute??! I need it in my life. I own that lipstick mug and I love it to pieces. I also purchased that candle on our way to Ucluelet and I am happy to report, it smells AHMAZING!

Love you like XO,