4 month bump update!

It's about time I update you on this whole pregnancy thing hey? I'm excited to give you some monthly updates that I will continue until baby Liira's arrival!

Well, first of all the day has bump has arrived!!! Clearly, I'm very happy about it as I spent most of the first trimester feeling very bloated most of the time. So hello bump! It's so nice to meet you :)

How far along are you?

I'm just at the start of my 4th month. Can't believe I'll be 15 weeks tomorrow! I feel that the first trimester went ridiculously slow and now I'm all like HOW IS IT 15 WEEKS!

How big is baby?

Right now baby is the size of a large lemon and tomorrow he/she will be the size of the pear! It's insane to think that this little baby started out as cells..makes me think how amazing God is! He knit this little one in my womb <3


I'm finally starting to get my energy back (PTL!!) yet last week I had the flu…which sucked! I hadn't been "sick" in six years so I guess it was about time I got sick again. During my first trimester I was nauseous most of the time and very tired at night but miraculously, no puking! I definitely feel like I have more energy except last night I strangely went to bed at 7pm!! I guess I'm finding my balance with how much I can handle. I try to squeeze a lot in a day and God is teaching me to listen to my body and rest when I can…and if I don't…I'm forced lols.
I've also started to get heart burn a lot!! If it's still real bad by the time of my next doctor's appt (end of Dec), I'll end up asking her for something stronger than tums.

Food love:

I feel like I'm just starting to get cravings. On Monday I HAD TO HAVE A VEGGIE CONE from a local Japanese market. Something came over me and OH MY GOSH I HAD TO HAVE IT. It's nice to actually start craving food instead of just bland crackers and bananas.

Food hate:

Strangely, I want nothing to do with pasta…especially cheesy pasta in my first trimester. There was a pasta bar in the buffet on our cruise and I literally had to hold my breath or plug my nose every time I walked by! I still don't want anything too cheesy. I also want nothing to do with leftovers or super saucy salads.


I'm still going for runs and to the gym a couple times a week! It's been pretty sad to see my pace go down but I know I can't push myself too hard. I don't want to give up though. I know you're allowed to exercise so I'm finding the balance of doing it right without over doing it.


Right now I'm still wearing my old jeans (with the help of the good ol rubber band trick). My shirts are mostly loose so I will probably be able to wear them for a LONG time. I do want some new flat boots and maternity jeans which I may purchase on a post-Christmas trip to Vancouver (HELLO TOPSHOP!)

What I'm looking forward to:

CHRISTMAS! Right now all I want to do is get into pyjamas, snuggle up with James (or Coco lols) and watch Christmas movies. Our Christmas tree is up and our mantle is decorated and I could just stay in my living room forever. I'm also very much looking forward to our ultrasound in January where we find out if Baby Liira is a boy or girl…oh my goodness the waiting is KILLING ME.

Oh and funny story….When I originally took the mirror selfie above I immediately had to retake because I was horrified by the state of my room. I quickly cleaned a bit and then took the photo but that's not real life so below is the original photo…

4 month pregnancy update!

Ha, how awesome is Coco's tail!

With love,