Our church is in the final week of the 21 Day Challenge. This is the fourth time we've embarked on this journey and it has been amazing. Our pastor challenged us to join the challenge by fasting and praying for God to move in 2014. I absolutely love this because it's all about drawing near to God. In the past I've done the Daniel Fast (eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains only), full fasts (juice and water only) and partial fasts (i.e. no sweets).

For personal reasons this year I'm doing a partial fast combined with a few days of full fasting. Already I've sensed a closeness to God that I haven't felt in awhile. Another thing that has helped me draw closer to God is fasting "the scroll". Oh you know the scroll...the "I don't know what to do in this moment so I'll just scroll through instagram, twitter, facebook...oh look thirty minutes have gone by.."  Yeah, I fasted from that and it's been so FREEING. I'm hardcore addicted to my phone so it's nice to break the addiction for a few weeks. I've already noticed two things 1. I'm way more productive 2. my iphone battery lasts almost the whole day! But one thing is for sure, I so miss looking at pretty pictures on instagram and being in the know of all the Christian celebrities I follow, ha. If you have questions on fasting, check out this website or leave a comment below!


So I made some soup for you! Actually that's a lie. James made some soup for you. He's made it the past two Sundays and it is delish. He modified the original recipe to make it vegan. (Just use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth all you Daniel fast peeps….ps…here is the original recipe which we've adapted)



happy wednesday!