So October for me was one full month and it seems like when my stress levels go up, my sweet tooth cravings go through the roof. I am a sugar addict through and through. In October, I'm pretty sure I had chocolate every single day. Things got a little cray.

So James and I decided to go a month without refined sugar (sweets, pastries, chocolate) and fast food. This may not seem like a lot to some all you people who cut out dairy, carbs, gluten, etc (you guys are my HEROES!)...but it's a lot for a sugar addict like me! We're still having fruit and because sugar is in everything we'll probably have some of it in pasta sauces, bread etc. We're on day 3 and withdrawal has definitely hit. I don't really feel like myself and have been getting headaches. I miss my late night bowl of mini-wheats and my morning cookie in my coffee but I know that my body will soon get accustomed and I'll feel much better!

So now I'm on the hunt for sugar-free recipes. I still want to satisfy my sweet tooth with natural sugars in dates and bananas but I don't really do non-sugar baking. I've been peeping Pinterest and I've come across some recipes that I want to try....

Sugar Free Recipes

These banana walnut oat bars look pretty enticing to me!

Sans Sugar Baking!

And believe it or not, these cookies are made from 5 ingredients!!!

Sugar Free Banana Bread

Vegan, sugar-free banana bread...YES PLEASE!


I guess I'm going to have to get my bake on and use things like dates to satisfy my sweet tooth! Do you have any favourite sugar-free recipes? PLEASE SEND THEM MY WAY!! 

Here's to a healthy November!