Wedding Invite

The BEST party of 2015 is going down in May..... #clungtothejung aka my best friend's wedding!

I had the honour of helping Rachel make her invites happen. See Rachel doesn't need any help at all in the creative side. She has one of the sharpest creative eyes I've seen. And is the most fashionable person I know. 

So when it came to her invites, she knew exactly what she wanted and exactly how she wanted them to turn out....and that my friend's is THE BEST and why we're besties.

Here's how we made them...She drew the outline of her and Jason (how stinking cute is it...seriously!!!) and then scanned it in. I opened it up in photoshop and did my magic...aka straightened out lines, added colour (I'm extremely proud of the natural blush I put on her cheeks) and then entered in the text on the back. It's extremely obvious, but just incase you think the back looks like junk, please note I blurred out the address of her know incase any of Rachel's stalkers want to cause some trouble on her big day..NU-UH. NOT TODAY.

Wedding Invite

And she did her magic with the names on the envelopes and stamps. Seriously, I need her writing as a font!!

Wedding Invite

If you're interested in hiring me to do your wedding invite, hit up my design page!

And be sure to follow along the Jung wedding on instagram #clungtothejung and you can be sure that I'll be posting ALL the incredible details that Rachel has been cooking in that brain of hers!!!

Happy Wednesday!