i’m currently wrapped up in blankets battling this stupid cold that came on last thursday. i’m the worst sick person because it’s really, really, really hard for me to sit down and rest. so i’m trying to rest but there are construction workers literally right outside our window (they’re repairing something on our roof so we won’t have any little critters in our walls this winter like we had last winter…). they’re talking very loudly and using very loud power tools and i can see them through the cracks in our blinds…oh joy..

so to distract myself from that i’m going to show you a few pics from the wedding we attended on saturday night! my long time friend, chris married his bible college sweetheart, kirsten. i’ve known chris for a long time. us and a few others had the privilege of being young 20 somethings friends immersed in church ministries & life adventures. we all shared many fun & crazy times in those days and i am so thankful that for the most part, we’re all still in touch and a part of each others’ lives.

 a few of my fave memories of the day include: watching chris’ face as his bride walked down the aisle towards him & their future, ian’s best man’s speech (including us three performing the chicken snack rap!), catching up with lovely chelsea who lives up island, & sharing many laughs with old friends.

unfortunately (probably due to my foggy head) i didn’t get any actual pictures of the bride & groom. but their wedding had a hashtag so please go creep the pics of the beautiful couple on instragram (search #thekongs) 

congratulations chris & kirsten!!! your day was incredible. so excited for what God has in store for you two! 

 rach is such a babe!

best dressed couple ever

friends forever…IAN. ARE. YOU. WEAR. ING. EYE. LINE. ER!!!!

sweet, sweet cohen.

looking dapper gentlemen.

so james comes up to me and says, ‘this is the pic i got, are you ok with it?’ lols

and then he shows me this one..awe…love all these ladies oh so much.

i’m looking extra crazy…i blame it on the cold meds..but would you look at my fine hubby..mmmmm…


we had a lovely time in vancouver (aside from me being mad sick). we stayed at our dear friends house who have the cutest 3 little kids. there’s something incredibly special about hearing little voices ask each other at 7am "should we go and wake aunty lauwa and uncle sames?" awwwwww. and it doesn’t help with the twins saying to us right before we were leaving "don’t go. don’t go." ahhhh, my heart. normans, we’ll be back before you know it!

sorry for my mad run on sentences today, my brain is a cloud and james is at school till 7:30pm so coco is keeping me company which i’m thankful for because she cuddles me but then i talk to her..a lot..and then i get scared that the construction workers outside my window can hear me and think i’m crazy……

until next time,