2012 has already transformed me…into…drum roll please… LUCILLE 2 (Arrested Development reference..come on people!)  So today I discovered that I have benign paroxysmal positional vertigo….yep, that’s exactly how I responded. Basically I’ve been getting real dizzy whenever I lie down. The doctor informed me that tiny crystals have been built up in my ear and they mess up my sense of gravity. (I defs just imagined my ear as being that of the caves where the Fraggles lived…Fraggle Rock…I’m old…)

But instead of boring you with talk of vertigo & crystals…tonight I’m looking back not forward. There is so much to be thankful for. 2011 was a daaaaang good year. A daaaaang, good one. I’ve been blessed beyond belief. Sometimes I just look up and smile like a little kid on Christmas morning. I’ve had years of ups and years of downs. This past year has been one of ups. Now don’t get me wrong, life wasn’t always peachy keen, there were some downs…just those downs seem but a spec when compared with the ups I’ve been blessed with. So over the next couple days I’ll be giving you three main highlights of my life…here’s the first…

Now if you don’t like that mushy-gushy, lovey-dovey, heart sparkling, love..then by all means, stop reading. Wait for tomorrow’s highlight on 2011 Adventures. But if you read this and then puke, don’t complain to me..I did warn you fair and square.

Falling in love was most defs a top highlight of 2011. My goodness. God has gone above and beyond.

See, I’ve been waiting for a while for my M.O.G. I absolutely hate waiting. I am not a very patient person. I can’t even stand waiting at a red light. I knew that I wasn’t going to be alone forever, I knew God had someone for me. I just couldn’t stand waiting for him. Waiting sucks….but somethings are worth the wait.

James was most definitely worth the wait. Funny how we doubt God. I always thought I’d end up with a guy who was ok. Someone who I thought was good looking and loved Jesus but never did I imagine I would end up with someone this great. But that’s how God rolls. He wants to bless his children and He is going to go above and beyond our hopes, dreams and prayers. And that has been the case with James. He is the most incredible man I know. Honestly, I couldn’t have dreamed up someone who is better suited for me. His heart after God’s heart constantly pushes me to grow closer to God. The dreamer inside of him inspires dreams to not only awaken in me but to see them to fruition. He is constantly challenging me to serve God at a greater capacity. He loves me crazily and is not afraid to show that love. Basically, he’s incredible and brings out the best in me. Oh, and he’s flipping gorgeous.

In 2008 after many failed crushes and flings, I wrote a list…


The list.

Let me tell you this…God has gone above and beyond anything that I ever prayed about my MOG. And he’s going to do the same for you!!! Do not settle for anything less than God’s will. HE WILL COME THROUGH. I madly wanted to be in a relationship in my early twenties but when I look at it now, I am completely different than I was then. If James & I dated a few years ago it would not have been good times. God knew the timing. He knows the timing for you as well.

The woman in Song of Songs repeatedly warns girls to “not awaken love until the time is right.” God knows the right timing for you. Wait for His peace.

Waiting sucks, but it is SO WORTH IT. Our heavenly Father is going to completely bless your socks off with your moG! Just wait.

Ok, I’ll stop preaching now :) 

So yeeeeah. Falling in love has been incredible. At the end of our night on New Years we read through my journal where I recorded every day adventure/special dates we went on. (One of my favourite dates was kayaking to an island where James built a fire and cooked food he had brought. We spent the afternoon frolicking in the sun.)

It was an amazing time as we reflected on God’s goodness. He is sooooo good.

stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on Adventures..I promise there will not be any mushy-gushy-ness….