incase you didn’t know, james & i & 7 others from our church are going to india!!! i’m beyond pumped to be serving at a local church there. we got our schedule and it’s insane. we’ll be serving in multiple ministries from morning to night, ministering in the slums at the church’s life centres (equipping women & children!), doing outreach & a whole lot more!

another thing i’m very excited for is getting to visit international justice mission. ijm peeps are basically super heros. they go to into countries which have laws against slavery, human trafficking, etc and use their team of lawyers to put people away who aren’t obeying the laws…aka set slaves free and lock up traffickers!! we get to go to their main headquarters in chennai…so incredible.

james & i need to raise $5100 to make this trip happen! we’ve raised $1200 so far and know that God is going to provide :)

if you want to partner with us and give, you can donate through paypal on our website http://thoseliiras.wordpress.com/ or give through glad tidings office. thank you for your generosity!!

also keep checking our blogs! we will be updating you before the trip and in india as well!