this friday dreams will become reality.

a whisper that was spoken years before into a single heart will become a shout in the hearts of many.

my dear friends, ad & christina will be launching their business you & her. this dream first came to christina years ago. she heard of the fact that girls in africa were dropping out of school & were more likely to get raped due to the simple fact: they didn’t have underwear. 

Worldwide, statistics show that on average 155 girls in every village in Africa have dropped out of school because they cannot afford sanitary towels and underwear at the age of menstruation.”  (Excerpt from Keep a Girl In School, April 2013) (from the you&her website)

lack of education leaves these young african girls vulnerable. they no longer are an asset to their family and many are forced to get married, find work, or sell themselves. many girls end up hopeless with unwanted pregnancies or even hiv. 

now most people hear things and think "how terrible, i hope someone does something about that" and then go about normal life. but not christina. christina, a wife & mother of 3 (all under 4!!) felt led to do something about it. fast forward a couple years and here we are at three days before the launch of you&her.

before i get into the event i want to say that i really admire christina. her courage, her vulnerability, her passion. she has stayed obedient to what God has placed on her heart and that is something that is so admirable. i know God is going to bless you&her. He loves obedient hearts. but i want you to bless you&her. i want you to support it and pray for it and come out on friday!

so what is you&her? 

you&her is a lingerie company, which proceeds from the product “you” will buy, go to producing underwear in africa which will go straight into the hands of “her”, the girls who are dropping out of school.

buying you&her underwear = empowering girls in africa to stay in school. girls stay in school and get education. girls no longer are hopeless. they have a chance to dream.

the launch of this all is happening on FRIDAY & it’s going to be amazing. christina will share the vision, there will be drinks & appies & james will be launching LIIRA (for the first time ever!!!!) there will also be an auction where you can purchase their beautifully vancouver made underwear.

all the info you need is on 

it’s going to be an incredible event and you should so be there (and you get to dress up and have your picture taken…who doesn’t love that?)

go buy your tickets and support this incredible dream!