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When it comes to January fashion, I'm drawn to cozzzzy. Who am I kidding? Most of my clothing year round is all about being cozy. My go to comfort outfit is leggings (if I'm at home, it's my lulus..if I'm going to see people other than James and Coco, it's my zara leggings...and yes I referred to Coco as "people"), a long t-shirt and an oversized cardigan. I recently read someone referring to these as coatigans but that word kinda freaks me out. I bought one of these oversized cardigans last June and it has been a dream. Oh, you are as cozy as a robe AND are fashionable? Sign me right up. I may have purchased the striped one in Seattle over the weekend. You can never have too many oversized cardigans, riiiiiggght?

Do you have a go to comfort outfit? I'd love to know!

over and out,