Misty Bridge

Last weekend I had the privilege of accompanying my friend, Kristy to Seattle for her birthday weekend. The main point of the trip was JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE (which was INNNNSSAAAANNNNE!!!). We left early Friday morning, checked into our hotel and then took the monorail to downtown Seattle. I hadn't been to Seattle in years, so everything was pretty new to me. We spent the afternoon downtown checking out the famous, gum wall and of course, Pike Place Market. 

I don't watch football but after being in town for the weekend I am a SEAHAWKS fan!! The buzz of the city was incredible! Starbucks was giving out 12cent drinks if you were sporting blue or green and so many people were wearing jerseys. I was a tad bit confused at the concert when they kept talking about the "12th man" being in the house. Every time the DJ would announce it, the crowd went crrraaay. Eventually, I leaned over to the girl beside me and asked her who this "12th man" was lol.

We went to Portage Bay Cafe the next morning for breakfast. There was a bit of a wait but it was delicious and had sweet vibes. After some shopping for clothes and a much needed stock up trip to Trader Joe's we headed back to the island.

Misty Freeway
Grilled Cheese & Kale Caesar Salad
Laura at the Gum Wall
Pike Place Market Seattle

until next time,