I've got my eyes on this pink wool coat. I saw it on a store's website yet it hasn't come into the store nor the online store. It just sometimes appears in advertisements (to torture me, I guess!) Frustrating.

As you know, I'm a big fan of fall fashion. Bring on the layers baby. Some of you are pros at fall fashion. And some of us need a little help from our friends. I meet in the middle of those sentences, so I'm no expert but what I'd suggest is finding a good coat and a good scarf. Last week we talked scarves, this week let's chat coats.

Ahhh, I want them all. I'm still awaiting that pink coat from another store...but if it doesn't come available soon, I'll be all up in that first numba. Which one is your favourite?

1. Pink Cocoon Coat

2. Green Drapey Trench Coat

3. Black Faux Fur Coat

4. Light Grey Soft Bonded Trench Coat

5. Black Longline Duster Coat

6. Light Purple Oversized Coat


Well it's FRIDAY...let's rejoice hey. Got any sweet plans this fall weekend? I'm going to a wedding, pretty stoked as it's the FIRST & ONLY wedding we've been to this year..crazy because we usually go to a ton!!!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!