Hiiiiiiiiiii. Excuse me if I sound crazy in this post at all. I'm currently sick and it's making me cray cray. I think some of that dry wall dust creeped into my lungs (and maybe my brain too?) and caused some sorta irritation/cold season. But I'm slowly on the mend... PTL!

Now onto what you probably came here for...HOUSE UPDATE!!!


AH. This week has been INSANE. One week ago we got the keys and then James had a Christmas gig and then I turned on the kitchen tap and it wouldn't turn off and then my mom, sister and nephew came over and we couldn't turn the tap off and then my dad came over and we found the water shut off in the crawlspace and then we noticed that the old owners left us a ton of Christmas presents aka old junk (but a few gems, like those lovely cat magnets on the fridge, cat wearing a sunhat? sign me up.)

James started renos the next morning (and they got a new kitchen faucet, hallelujah!! And the seller's realtor removed all the junk left behind) James has been working non-stop, like 16 hour days...I miss him. I took a bunch of photos this weekend but didn't get in before the work started. Thank goodness I took some when we first viewed the place. SO many posts to come.  

We've had soooo many family and friends help out. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!! Seriously, we feel so blessed. Everyday I'm just like THANK YOU JESUS FOR MY AMAZING FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!

Since I've been sick, I haven't been able to do any work on the new house...it sucks but I'm packing up the old house and eating copious amounts of chocolate. 

Love you to the moon & back,