The time has come to update our living room! Things change when you have a baby...especially when said baby starts to move around. You actually have to sweep your floors and pick up everything because if you have a random stray bit of cardboard in the far corner of your house, said baby will pick it up, and try to eat it and then proceed to gag and you'll have to pull it out of their mouth....true story, it happened to a friend of a friend of mine ;) 

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black and white bathroom

Our bathroom reno has officially started! I forgot what living under renos was like....not ideal for a almost 34 week pregnant lady but it could be worse. Thankfully my dad lives around the corner and his suite is empty right now! 

About one year ago, I posted what our bathroom looked like when we bought the house. The old owners defs had an under the sea vibe going on. We painted it white and added a fan and it remained my least favourite room in the house. The tub was old and gross that I refused to have a bath in it..hahah 

But the day has come and James is making our bathroom dreams come true! After it's all said and done, I'll get him to write a post on everything that we did. We've been buying things slowly over the past two months which has been awesome because we've been able to find some good deals. We decided to go with the white and black are a couple photos that are inspiring us...

1 // 2 // 3

So far we've changed out the lighting to pot lights along the ceiling (my brother in law did that, if you need an electrician, he's your guy!), and put the new bath tub in which you can see in the photos below. Tonight James is planning on fitting the drywall in the tub area so he can start the subway tile tomorrow! 


Wooohooo, exciting (BUT CRAZY) times!



Entryway Update

Happy Monday everybody! Hope you all had an awesome weekend. We added another homestay student to our now I'm cooking for FOUR...I guess I'm just getting some good mom training for the future then? 

Well it's been awhile since I've shown you some house updates! We haven't done any crazy reno's but we're pretty much settled into every room so I can start showing you what we're up to and some plans for the future.

So let's have a look at what our entryway used to look like....

The entry way is on the far left. I don't have an original photo of it but you can see it had some nasty linoleum. In January we decided to get rid of it and replace it with tiles.

Scraping off the linoleum was some treacherous work!!! And PS how good do our floors look? (James refinished them and hopefully soon I'll get my stuff together and do a post on that!) So after we scraped off the old floor, James laid down the tiles. Oh and he also painted the door a nice dark grey!

entry way update!

What a difference those tiles make! Oh and James also added baseboard which made a huge difference! We also installed a cute light from Ikea. But it's a small space and I want to jazz it up. I don't want to do anything huge because it really is such a small space but I want it to be a bit more exciting. 

What I really want to do is wallpaper/wall decal/paint the wall on the right.

entrance way update

Because it's such a small wall, I really want to do something fun! Here's what I'm thinking...

Wallpaper Ideas

1. Gold Dots 2. Cactus 3. Blue Triangles 4. Florals

Now how cute are those selections!!! It makes me really excited about finishing this space. I looove the cacti but I think they may be a little bit too trendy and go out of style in a few years. The gold dots are totally me but totally predictable. Now those triangles and those blooms...#swoon. Which one is your favourite?

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Stay gold,


image via

I can't believe I've shared almost all of the befores of our house! So far you've seen the suite (before & after!), kitchen, living room, master bedroom & dining room. All that's left after the bathroom is the office/studio and guest bedroom.

Now the bathroom is the room that most definitely did not win me over....

The old owners had a serious "under the sea" vibe going on. Now don't get me wrong, I love the little mermaid but I do not want the little mermaid or any of her fishy friends in my bathroom. 

We immediately painted the whole thing white which made a world of difference. We (and by we I mean Mike, my brother in law) put in an awesome super powerful yet super quiet fan. It was very weird that there were NO FANS in either the upstairs or downstairs bathrooms. All this talk about fans is riveting hey? 

We obviously still have a ton of things to out that piece of wood over the's very odd, it makes showering very dark, add tile to the place, redo the floors and counter top...this again will be a pricey reno so it will have to wait till the time is right but in the meantime I'm free to plan and dream! Here's what I've been dreaming about for this space:

1 // 2 // 3

Obviously I'm all about the subway tiles for the bathroom. I also want to do a cute penny tile somewhere...maybe the floor? And I'm really digging having a lot of black masculine elements. BUT I'm also (big surprise) tossing around the idea of a lot of gold...but I think black is winning me over...!!

To see what else is inspiring me follow my DREAM HOME board on pinterest! 

Hope you have an amazing day!