Nadia has been one of my dear friends for almost nine years now. She is a constant encouragement to me and I am so thankful for our friendship! Here she be...

 I was inspired by Laura’s decision to choose ONE WORD to set the tone for her year. I have simply chosen a word in past years, one that I truly believe God has whispered in my ear. He has promised to unfold new and beautiful perspectives with this word over the coming year.

This year as the new year was unfolding, and truth be told i was a wee bit late on choosing my word. My dear friend Jessyca who lives in San Diego and I were skyping when we decided to ask God to reveal words to us to choose for each other. I chose RUN for her and she chose DRIVE for me.

It is beautiful How God confirmed these choices in the next week. As jess and I speak often we were skyping only a few days later and without thinking I told her that my greatest struggle in that moment was that I was trying to find my drive... She quickly reminded me of my word for the year. In that week she decided to begin training for a marathon! We laughed about it but she believes that a literal “run” is not what God was speaking. I love how listening to God’s promises can often draw us together. As my life can take many twists and turns It will leave me wondering what exactly God is doing in the current season. Since I have been home from California I have been striving for many things and God’s heart has shown me that all I need to do is be with him. He has shown me great favor and I am piecing together my drive in life. When I was in school I learned a great deal about dream interpretation. In this you learn that cars and vehicles often symbolize ministry. It is hard to know exactly where God is taking me in this season. What I know for sure is that I have some incredible and beautiful friends to go there with. At the moment I am still finding my drive and whether it is about “ministry” or simple everyday life. I am going to choose my vehicle and find my drive!!

Nadia 2

all photos by Amy Gary Photography

Thank you Nadia for sharing! Love you girl :)