Thought I'd share some photos of my quick trip to Vancouver last week. Now James & I weren't the only ones celebrating. My good friend, Courtney & I got to celebrate our 4 year friendiversary! Four years ago right after Illuminate, I went to Vancouver to visit Rachel to shop and rest. It also happened to be the Olympics. Rachel was living in a cute suite in Kits with her friend Courtney. Now Courtney and I knew each other but we weren't "friends friends", just more acquaintance type friends. Unfortunately Rachel had to work most of my time there, but Courtney magically was off. You might think it was coincidence but I'm thinking God wanted us to be friends, ha. We joke that Rachel left Courtney to babysit me but it was actually quite beautiful because we became good friends because of those three days! We went on many olympic adventures and had a bunch of fun together. Courtney is now one of my besties (and was one of my bridesmaids) and I love her to the moon and back. 

Courtney and I went over on the 9 ferry last Wednesday as James had to catch a later ferry due to school. We celebrated our 4 year friendiversary over beignets at 49th Parallel. (oh my gosh, I'm still dreaming of those dang beignets.) It was a quick but wonderful date as she had to jet off to babysit the Norman kiddos and I had to begin working on the models.


James and I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day a little bit early and stay in a hotel instead of the usual friend's floor. It was a good choice. In the morning we ate a delicious breakfast at Cafe Medina and then scouted Top Shop. To be honest, I was definitely disappointed with their Spring collection. Too many weird colour combos and Asian patterns for my liking. We had to catch the 1pm ferry back so we didn't have enough time to go to Zara (sad times, sad times indeed.)


Man, I love visiting the big city. I really wish we could get around to visiting more. Why does the ferry have to be so pricey? #buildabridge

Happy Thursday :)


p.s. all these photos were taken on my iPhone and most appear on instagram, if you don't follow me you can do it here :)