overnight waffles from ssheart.com

On Christmas morning I ate the BEST waffles I had ever eaten in my entire life. Better than any waffle that I have tried in a restaurant. For realz.

They were perfectly crunchy on the outside yet soft and scrumptious on the inside. My mind and taste buds were right out blown. I could eat those waffles for days on days on days.

I got the recipe from my sister in law who had made them on Christmas and when I starting planning my One Word brunch, I knew I HAD to make these waffles for the ladies.

Yummy Waffle Recipe from ssheart.com

They're called overnight waffles because you make the batter the night before and then leave it on the kitchen counter to work its magic. That may sound freaky to those of you concerned with "food poisoning and all" but I've had these twice and so far, I'm good to go. They're really, really, really good so please do yourself a favour this weekend and make these puppies.


recipe from smitten kitchen


To eat these the best way possible, make sure you have toppings on toppings on toppings. We had nutella, cookie butter, whip cream, fruit, syrup and butter. 


all photos by Amy Gary Photography

Are you drooling yet?

Yep, now go and make these waffles.

over & out,