DIY Party Crowns //

I have a thing about shopping. And this thing, it's kind of a deal breaker for me. So if you're planning on going shopping with me, keep this in mind... I like to take my sweet, sweet time.

In and out of Walmart in 5 minutes? Yeah, right buddy. You better believe I'm going to peruse every aisle. Don't you dare rush me. I can't enter Walmart and not check to see if Essie has released new nail polishes! It's the same with most stores I enter into, especially dollar stores. Don't even get me started on dollar stores. I'm always amazed at the selection of products and could never ever spend less than 20 minutes in one. Please tell me I'm not alone in my sss (slow shopper syndrome)!!

Speaking of dollar stores, I hit up the downtown one (once you get over the weird smell, it's actually pretty great) on my lunch break last Thursday and I struck gold. Pure gold people. I found sparkly pipe cleaners, glitter washi tape and a legit garden shovel. Oh and my total was $7 (and there were 3 packs of sparkly pipe cleaners in that order). Yep, pure gold. 

With the pipe cleaners, myself and craft guru, Rachel constructed crowns for our friend Cristina's birthday. 

diy party crowns

They were insanely easy and super cute.


1. Grab two pipe cleaners, twist the ends together and shape into a circle to make the base of the crown. 

2. Take five pipe cleaners and cut them in half.

3. Fold the pieces in half and pull the ends out to shape a triangle.

4. Attach triangle onto base of crown by twisting the ends down.

5. Repeat around entire crown.

6. Razzle dazzle everybody you come in contact with. Huzzah!

So cute hey? We made 10 in about 30 minutes while eating doritos and watching pan am. Pure bliss right thurrr.

You can also make tiaras and heart crowns. Find those directions at this sweet tutorial.


Happy Monday!