Oh Joy! has arrived to Target and I am SO excited about it. Sadly, not everyone shares the same enthusiasm as I do. (FYI Oh Joy! is a blogger and she recently collaborated with Target and designed all this cute party stuff!)

TWICE, I've received the "crazy" look when I asked about it in our local store. Ok, the first time I was a week early…but they had no idea and didn't seem to know who "Oh Joy" was. Come on people, let's get educated on the blogger scene!! 

The second time was on Sunday morning. Sunday was the official launch date of the collection (I made sure this time!!) and I was soooo excited. I was also pumped to be checking out the newest Target in my city. Well, this Target was AH-MAZING. It's the biggest Target I've ever been to and it's soooo beautiful and everything is so crisp and new (ok, I'll stop rejoicing over a store now). But, as incredible as the new store was, it sadly didn't house the Oh Joy collection and again, I received the "crazy" look when I asked about it (this guy was really nice though!)

So for now I'll just dream about what I'd purchase...it's probably safer that way.

1. Scalloped Bowl  |   2. Hooray Cake Topper   |   3. Gold Confetti Dots   |   4. Paper Plates   |   5. Trash Bags   |   6. Noise Blowers

How insanely cute is everything!!!!?? I need that scalloped bowl in my life. Can't you just envision chips on chips filling it? And those pretty garbage bags? Um, amazing.

Now if only Target online shipped to Canada....