Thai Peanut Chicken Rice Bowl //

Before I got married, I knew how to make one meal...scrambled eggs on toast (and cupcakes!) Yes, I don't know how I survived (thank you to my wonderful sister, Catrina who cooked many, many, meals for me). I lived a very full and social life as a single gal and didn't value meal times. Dinner to me was sometimes crackers and peanut butter or whatever I could grab on the go.

But now (on good weeks) dinners are strategically thought out and planned. My full and social calendar hasn't changed much since I got married so I'm particularly attracted to meals that I can cook in little time. 

And these Thai Peanut Chicken Rice Bowls fit exactly into that category. They are seriously soooo delicious and take hardly any time to make (the rice take the longest!) We eat these almost weekly in our home (and James never complains!)

Quick, easy and delicious dinner //

recipe adapted from damn delicious