So yesterday I shared my favourite brow tools and today I'll show you how to use them!


Here I am with full makeup except for brows...

Like I said yesterday, filling in your brows can really define your makeup aka filled brows add oomph. But watch out for too much oomph because no one wants painted on eye brows.


(Grab your tools!!)

1. Use a pair of brow scissors to trim any long brow hairs (but don't over cut because it can get addicting!!)

2. Brush your brows in place.

3. Fill in your brows with Mac Brun eyeshadow.

If I'm in a hurry, I finish at this point but if you want a more dramatic look then simply do step 4 before step 3.

4. Carefully outline your brow then follow with step 3.


See what a difference it makes? If you haven't tried filling in your brows, I double doggy dare you to try it out!!

If you have any questions on what works best for your brows, ask away in the comments!