Eyebrows have power you know. Power to make or break a person. JK JK. Ok, they don't have that much power but they do have a little power to really add definition to your make up.

I am half italian. That being said, I have dark thick hair aka I was born with thick eyebrow YET in my early teens I tweezed the junk out of them and sadly they have never been the same. But thank God for make up that can fix my teenage mistake (insert praise hands emoticon).

 So I have a brow tutorial for you but before that let's talk brow tools...


I like to joke with James that Home Depot is to him as Sephora is to me. It's my playground, my happy place and where I get (a lot of) my tools.

So that being said, here are my favourite brow tools.

1. Forever 21 Tweezers- Any tweezers will do but just make sure you get some sharp ones. These were a gift and they're actually pretty sharp AND they have a kitten on them.  The best.

2. Mac Brow Pencil in Spiked- This is my third of this product so clearly I love it!

3. Forever 21 Compact Mirror- Not necessary but cute and allows you to fix your brows on the go.

4. Brow Brush- This one is a freebie I got years ago and it still is great! (I've linked a bigger, classier one which I hope to upgrade to one day).

5. Sephora Brow Scissors- These are used to trim any long brow hairs. I just got these a month ago and I love them.

6. Mac Brush #266- This flat angle brush is used to apply powder on your brow.

7. Mac Brun Eyeshadow- Even though this is an eyeshadow, it works like a charm on your brows AND it's a pretty universal shade aka it works for most people. Oh, and you can use it for a contour shadow on your eyes too!


So there are my favourite tools! A lot of people use a brow gel as well to help keep your brows in place but I have never used one as my brows usually sit right in place.

Tomorrow I'll be back with how to put these tools to work!


Happy Monday!