It's Tuesday. Tuesday calls for sunny spring walks, chocolate and pretty pictures that make you smile.

Ok and speaking of sunny spring walks, the strangest thing happened on my walk home last night...A STRANGER TALKED TO ME and we walked and chatted for FIVE BLOCKS. 

Ok, I have to admit it, I did find it rather annoying at first. See, I was hurriedly (did I just use the word hurriedly?? who does that??) walking home carrying my heavy purse, groceries, another bag and this awkward shaped Staples box that held my blueprint copy size of a wedding picture that I had printed. My headphones were in and I was hustling. Then all of a sudden, this guy passes me and says hello. Ok, get this straight...I smile and say hello to a fair amount of people, but very rarely do people say hello back. Back to the story...I heard the guy and said hello back and instead of passing me, he then asks me about the awkward shaped Staples box. I told him what was in it and instead of him hurrying ahead, he proceeded to talk to me. Like I said before, I was annoyed, but then my annoyance turned to worrying...worrying that I had to think of stuff to keep saying to this guy because obviously we were going the same direction but then what do you know...conversation flowed! I told him about GT and he told me about his 14 years of travelling. It was actually nice to know I could have a conversation with a stranger for ten minutes. 

So often I find myself putting my extroverted personality into "work mode". I can make  conversation easily with people coming through the doors at church, I can totally talk to at risk teen girls at the community centre but a random human being in the real world? Ahhhhhhh. You know what that is? It's plain ridiculous. It's me being selfish and staying in my comfort zone. And I'm pretty tired of staying in my comfort zone.

So hey there strangers, I'm ready and waiting to chat to you!!

Ok, onto the pretty pictures... :)



Peonies are out! I'm so buying one on my lunch tomorrow :) 



My friend Kristy sent me this beet crust pizza and we're going to attempt it!



I wish our house was painted white so we could throw in a pop of peach.


stay golden and TALK TO STRANGERS!