Ok, so I know I said this the past two month round-ups BUT I still can't believe it's the end of April!! How insane is it, that May is tomorrow?? It makes me pretty happy though because our weather is getting beeeeeaaauutiful. Last night I went for a run in a tank and shorts and then James and I went around town and I DIDN'T NEED A JACKET. Summer is coming friends. Summer is coming :)

But let's take a moment and look back at your favourite posts from April...


1. Wardrobe // 4 - Ok you guys. For the third time in a row, your favourite post has been the wardrobe post with James and I. These ones are really fun to do and with this fabulous weather we've been having, I'm very much looking to shooting the next one!

2. One Word Julia | Kristy  - I'm so happy you've loved the one word posts. I love having other women share what God has spoken to them for 2014.

3. My Running Journey - I got a little bit personal with y'all and shared how I started running in the first place. (P.S. my half Marathon is in May!!!!!)

4. Real Talk Tuesday - In which I tell you about how I had the strangest experience by talking to a REAL LIVE STRANGER and how I was pushed out of my comfort zone..AGAIN.

5. Caramel Popcorn - Ummm, do you even need an explanation? Go make it and then devour it. 


Ok, so there are your top 5 posts from April. I'll be making my May editorial calendar today, so please let me know what kind of posts are your favourite to see? What do you want to see on S.S. Heart?

Thank you so much for reading and for so many of you who encourage and share how you've been inspired in this space. It means so much to me.