I'm all about kimonos this spring. They have the power to carry an elegant yet boho-chic kinda vibe and I so dig that. They're also a great transitional piece. Take away the kimono in this outfit and you're left with black on black on black aka fall/winter but add the kimono and you're half way to spring. I'm pretty sure this kimono paired with jean cut-offs is going to be a summer staple for me. Heck, if I were headed to Coachella this weekend (boohooo), I'd live in this kimono.

These photos were taken in Beacon Hill Park. It's a gorgeous park near the downtown core of my city. All over the park there are wild daffodils and cherry blossoms. I always came to this park as a kid. My dad even taught me to ride a bike here and I remember so clearly driving over that stone bridge in his old green ford pick-up (they closed the bridge to cars years ago)!!

^^ turtles!!!! ^^

Her- Kimono - Forever 21  //  Top - Forever 21  //  Pants - Forever 21  //   Shoes - Steve Madden   //   Key Necklace - Tiffany & Co   //   Watch - Kate Spade

Him- Button Up - Vintage   //   T-Shirt - Nice Collective //  Tank - Wesc   //   Pants- Wesc   //   Boots- Shoe The Bear



What's your favourite transitional piece that takes your outfits from winter to spring? I'd love to know! Happy Monday!




oh and p.s. I made a cute little gif for you! It so reminds me of those moving pictures in Harry Potter..haha.