One day I won $50 on a monopoly scratch and win ticket. It was awesome. I bought a gift for my mom with my earnings. A massive, stuffed animal dog. Oh, I should probably mention, I was like eight years old or something (and my dad bought the scratch and win ticket, incase you were wondering, ha)

That being said, over the years, I have become a better gift giver (because stuffed puppies aren't everybody's thang). And today I have for you, some gift ideas for your momma. Moms are awesome and totally deserve that $40 candle you were eyeing...

1. Kobo Candle- These are my favourite candle. James got me the Kyoto Quince one for Christmas and I light it all the time. They last a long time because they're soy wax and they give off a good but not overpowering scent. If you're in Victoria, you can get it at Violette Boutique!

2. L'occitane Hand Cream- This is my favourite hand cream and I'm sure your momma would love it too. It gives off a great scent and is super moisturizing yet not win!

3. Issey Miyake Perfume- I have the EDT version of this scent and totally love it. It's floral and so elegant. Perfect for you mom.

4. Switch Off Your Brain by Caroline Leaf- Caroline Leaf spoke at the conference I went to last weekend. She is incredibly smart. Your momma would be blessed by this book.

5. Sophie Conran Teapot- How cute is this teapot? Can't you imagine you and your mom having a beautiful conversation while drinking tea from this pot?

6. Rifle Paper Card- Incase you haven't picked out a card yet, this one is really pretty. :)


So you now have two days to pick something out for your momma. Hopefully these gifts inspire you and if you're stuck, go to the florist and get some peonies that will make her heart sparkle.