Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

So I think Coco is trying to get me ready to be a mom (for the record, I'm not pregnant, just one day in the future I hope to be). She wakes me up every night at 4am where I then chase her out of our room and close the bedroom door and then again at 7am where she's crying very loudly for her morning bite to eat. I know it's a little bit (ok, a whole bit) ridiculous to compare a cat to an actual human being but I'm just saying, she's training me to wake up multiple times throughout the night...

Coco disturbing my sleep gets me thinking about all the times my mum would be woken up by a little cry. I have three siblings, so there would have been a lot of little cries.

Can I just brag on my mum a bit now? 

I was raised in a single parent household from age 7 to 18. Aka my mum worked her tail off to provide for my siblings and I. She taught me what it was to work hard. For years she drove my brother and I everyday at 4:30am on our Times Colonist paper route so that my brother and I could earn money. Even though she worked crazy hours, she still managed to come out to the baseball games, the musicals, etc. She supported my dream of living abroad at 18 and supports the dreams in my heart today.

I rise up and call her blessed. Blessed is she now and blessed are the days ahead of her.

I love you mum.

So to all the mamas out there. The natural mamas, the spiritual mamas (I've had so many and I sure love and appreciate you), the step mamas, the foster mamas, the ones who are expecting, the ones who are trying, the grandmas, the mother in laws (love you Margaret!)...today is your day.

You are cherished, you are valued, you are celebrated.

I hope you know how much you are loved.




photos by Ameris