Summer Bucket List |



As you probably know, I'm a planner. I like to plan things out. I thrive on to-do lists. I very much enjoy having a plan. If we go on a trip, you can bet your bottom dollar that I've already researched the best doughnut joint in every town. Go with the flow? No thanks, I'd rather plan it out and get as much as I can out of the situation. Can I get an AMEN anyone? Anyone? 

A few weeks ago, James and I sat in a coffee shop and made some summer plans. 

Here are some of my personal ones...

-Have at least three bonfires with s'mores and singing. (S'mores on s'mores? Yes please.)

-Finish the Pentateuch course and start and finish a new course. (ROMer, I'm coming for you!) 

-Complete the half marathon. (One week today, that will be done!!)

-Complete the gallery wall in the living room. (Oh dear Lord, help me.)

-Go on one kayaking adventure.

-Find a healthy rhythm for this blog. (So excited to learn all about this and be so inspired at Alt next month!)

-Learn how to make macarons.

-Have lots of people over for BBQs.

-Celebrate 2 YEARS of MARRIAGE!! (Booked already, sooooo excited.)


So there are a bunch of my summer goals! Do you have any summer plans or goals? I'd love to hear yours! Write them in the comments below. :)

Hope you're having the best long weekend. I'm still cooped up inside writing and studying but PTL I'm almost done!!!