Victoria is stepping up her game. 

I've been finding myself saying that more and more as I keep discovering new little gems in my city. I was born and raised in this neck and woods and have lived my whole life here (aside from a year abroad in London).

If you haven't been to Victoria, I highly recommend visiting! It's not very large but it's not very small either. We don't get as much rain as Vancouver (yaaay!) but we don't have Zara or Topshop (maybe one day..)  We have an enormous amount of coffee shops and are stepping up our food truck game. I have grown to love, really love this beautiful city.

So in this new series, Local, I'm going to be showing you different gems found in this city, like, my top 5 coffee shops or where to get the best fish taco or where to get the very best ice cream. It's going to be a delicious task for me, but I'm up for the challenge. :)

It's going to be a difficult task for me, eating all this delicious food and seeking out all these prime spots but I'm up for the challenge. :)

If you're from Victoria, I'd love to know what your favourite spots are! Let me know in the comments below!