A couple weeks ago, my man (who's birthday is TODAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAE!! LOOOVE YOU) and I grabbed some brunch post church. I'd been dying to try out Nourish. I had heard about their restaurant at the Horticulture Centre for awhile but hadn't had the chance to eat there (because it's a tad far away from us) but a little while ago I saw on instagram that they were opening a location in the harbour so I had to go. 

It's a dreamy restaurant in an old heritage house just around the corner from the inner harbour. And how good is that wallpaper above? #OBSESSED We went on a Sunday afternoon and it was full but with no wait, which is always a plus. 

They also have a cute cafe that serves Cafe Fantastico coffee and baked goods. I'm definitely going to hit it up next time I'm near the harbour! 

James had the Rad Thai dish which was made from turnip and carrot noodles! I had the special, which I'm pretty sure was a buckwheat french toast with coconut whip and bee pollen but I may have some detail wrong...whoops. It was real good though.

At first we thought the portions were a bit on the smaller side but honestly they were perfect. The food was healthy and whole and filling. We left feeling nourished ;) and not comatose...honestly I'd way rather feel the former, not the latter.

Looking at these photos makes me want to go back ASAP. Check out their pretty website and if you're a local make Nourish your next brunch stop!




The Ruby

So there used to be this hole in the wall restaurant that was located beside this hole in the wall motel. I went there once for a breakfast club I used to belong to. They had a pretty decent eggs benny but the place was a bit skeeetttcccchhhy. Fast forward to now and the hotel and restaurant have been completely redone. A few weeks ago some friends and I got together at it to celebrate Thea's birthday!

The restaurant is now called The Ruby. The inside is super cute. Nice and light with big windows. Their vibes are pretty rad too.

How cute are my friends!!

I ordered the breakfast tacos and to be honest, the food wasn't anything to write home about. Yummy but not incredible and I hate to be a complainer but we had pretty horrible service....but I'll probably go back one more time just to see if it was an off day!

How cute is that vw van? It's actually what the hotel uses to shuttle their guests around!

The stunning birthday girl.

And how good is that colour block wall on the backside of the restaurant?!!

So my verdict on The Ruby is undecided. It's cute and seems to have a good menu but lacked in taste and service...but who knows what next time will have in store!


If you're local, have you been to The Ruby? And if so, what do you think!!??

Happy Thursday!




Meat & Bread | S.S. Heart

My brother first introduced me to Meat & Bread over a year ago. I was in Vancouver on one crazy day trip getting Indian Visas for our team going to Chennai. After spending three hours in the Indian Visa office I met my brother briefly outside his law office. I was tired and starving and he recommended I head over to Meat & Bread on Pender. I ordered the Corned Beef and one bite in, I was hoooooked. I dreamt about that sandwich for days.

So when I heard that Meat & Bread was coming to Victoria...I freeeeeaaaaked out.

Every time I'd walk down Yates I would try to poke my head in to see how construction was coming. Seriously, I'm obsessed. They finally opened on Monday and yesterday I finally got to sink my teeth into one of their incredible creations...Oh bliss.

Meat & Bread | S.S. Heart
Meat & Bread | S.S. Heart
Meat & Bread | S.S. Heart
Meat & Bread | S.S. Heart
Meat & Bread | S.S. Heart
Meat & Bread | S.S. Heart

All of us (Danae, Cristina & myself) had the special- Fraser Valley Beef Brisket and it was sooooo good. The place was packed and the decor is stunning. They're famous for their classic porchetta, which happens to be amazing as well.

When we were there, I kept saying to my friends, "I can't believe this is Victoria!!!" But it is. And I'll probably be back very, very soon.

Oh and check out how cute their takeaway boxes are...

Meat & Bread | S.S. Heart

Another win for Victoria!!!

Lunch date anyone???! :)




If you're from Victoria, you've probably seen this video a number of times and recognize half the people in it. But for those of you not from Victoria, I'd like to show you my beautiful city.

This vid was shot by the incredible Dave Wallace. He's a creative genius which I've had the pleasure of knowing since I was a teenager at camp! When he asked people to be in this video I was like, sign me right up because I knew it was going to be good. He captured our city so beautifully...and I even had tears while watching it for the first time..lol.

How good was that? I can't wait to keep showing off Victoria in my local series (I'm starting to research my fave coffee shops but here are my fave spots to get fish tacos!)

Hope you all had a rad weekend. The weather in my neck of the woods was insane! On Saturday we were living the lake life and it felt like July. Insane.

Sending extra love out to you today because it's Monday and you all know we sure need extra love on Monday!