Not many people live to be 90. My nona (aka Nana Rosa or Nanny) is one of them. She is one of my biggest heroes. She immigrated to Canada in the 60s (?), and learned how to live in a foreign country. My grandfather died in the late 70s. I'm sad to have never met him. (But I have a really cool story where God gave Nana Rosa flowers on her 60th wedding anniversary). She still lives in the house she owns and she cooks every single day..oh and gardens too!! She makes THE BEST lasagna ever and gives the softest hugs. My heart swells when I think about her. I love her so much. 

So last Saturday she turned 90!!! We celebrated in her backyard with a big ol family fete. There was laughter and LOTS of food. I mean A LOT OF FOOD. I'm still full. Enjoy the photos :)

Isn't Nana Rosa stunning? 

Thank you Lord for grandmothers :)


Hope you have a marvellous Wednesday!