It's no secret that I'm a massive fan of the USA. (I expressed my hear felt love back in 2010 on this post!!) BUT I'd like you to know I am proud to be a Canadian. I really, really, really, love my country. Though, when it comes to fashion, I find it way easier to dress fashionably for July 4th than July 1st. Red and white usually ain't my thang but (after an intense online search) I managed to find some red & white threads that will be perfect for celebrating my beautiful nation.

Ok, how cute is that bando twist scarf? I have one in gold and I'm in love! 

Here's where you can find these threads:

1. Topshop Striped Tee  |  2. Topshop Mom Shorts  |  3. Twist Scarf    

4. ASOS Chunky Jumper  |  5. Converse Sneakers  |  6. Tote

I had to add a sweater in there because our city gets a tad chilly at night!

What are your plans for Canada Day? James & I are planning on going downtown to watch the fireworks. We haven't gone for a few years so hopefully it'll be fun with not too many drunken peeps. 

Happy FRIDAY!!!