It's that time again...the last weekend of summer. As a kid, this time was my favourite time of year because I loved getting to go back to school shopping! New clothes and shiny new supplies..yes please!

As an adult it hasn't changed much...except I now have to pay for my new fall clothes and office supplies myself...ha. But seriously, I still get a high walking through the school supply aisle. The smell of fresh binders...bins of erasers...boxes of crayons...

I'm not going back to school this fall, but I can still dream about the goods right?


1. Backpack

2. Agenda

3. IPad Sleeve

4. Travel Mug

5. Pencil Case

6. Lunch Kit


I own that Ipad case and I love it especially now that I HAVE AN IPAD!! My husband is the best. I had the best birthday yesterday. I'm overwhelmed and thanking Jesus for the amount of love I received. Seriously, I have the greatest friends ever. My feeds were buzzing with birthday love. I read every one and every one made me smile. Love you.

Hope you have THE BEST LAST WEEKEND OF SUMMER! I'm having a few more birthday celebrations and I am stoked!

stay gold,