Heya! Another one of my brave friends wrote a recap on her word for 2014! You can read Kristy's original post here! Thank you for sharing Kristy!!!

I love the idea of a flow up to the one word!

After reflecting over what I wrote and the word(s) for my 2014, I am amazed as to where God has brought me and what he has brought me through. 

A couple of months after the post went up, I experienced an amazing moment of healing. I believe that I was healed from depression. 

Now, it's not to say that I am happy go lucky all the time and I don't struggle. BUT God gave me the capability to see my choice of emotion/reaction/faith. And joy! Oh what JOY!

Every moment I was faced with giving into fear or choosing to trust, I was able to easily choose to trust him. It's amazing. HE is amazing. 

Oh ya, and not going to bethel was also a great decision! I was able to stay back and support and stand by another worship leader who took on the responsibility of leading for 3 weeks. And it was great! 

God gave me the gift of opportunity to step into leadership in different ways. Reshaping how I look and approach ministry in worship and reminding me of how much I was made for it---it's where my heart is.

So with this refreshed outlook-- new friendships came along, other friendships grew and old ones rekindled. 

He is so good, so so good. On top of that, with the challenge of writing, God even used my testimony of coming out of depression in a creative visual way for our opener video of our church's conference. (Which you should come to next year!)

Sometimes you just never know how one word can have so much weight. 

I have so much to be thankful for. And I can't wait to share what my one word for this year is. I'm so excited for what 2015 will be. 


Love to you all,



Thanks Kristy for sharing!! It's so beautiful what God has done in your life!! Love you girl!!!

I'm actually going to be speaking at Dream Women this morning about choosing your one word for the year so come on out to GT at 9:30am if you want to hear and connect with awesome women!!