I'm kicking myself here. You know when you get an awesome hair cut and you wish you had taken a photo right before because you wanted to show the world (aka instagram) how transformed you look?? It happens to me ALL THE TIME...or twice a year when I get my hair cut. lols. (I did just get 8 inches off and forgot to take a before photo! Insert hand to forehead emoticon girl) 

Well that's what has happened with our dear suite. No before photos...SO TRAGIC....but JUST KIDDING.....I checked the MLS listing...yahoooo there are photos!!! 

When we were looking for houses we needed to find one with a suite. This one miraculously had 3 bedrooms upstairs and a 1 bedroom suite. We were STOKED. Our first plan of attack on the house was making the walls in the main living area smooth (worst job ever.) and then refinishing the hardwood floors. After those two were done, our plan was to GET THE SUITE DONZO. We wanted to get a renter in ASAP and start making some $$$. 

We ended up putting a lot more work into the suite than I thought we would have. Before we moved in it was pretty ghetto. Old stained carpets, ugly stained vinyl in the kitchen and bathroom, gross paint on the walls, nasty vanity in the bathroom....you get the gist right?

So James went to work on it. He patched and painted the whole thing, installed new flooring throughout, put in new baseboard, installed light fixtures, put in a new vanity, installed new bathroom flooring and a new toilet and my brother in law did a ton of electrical work (thanks Mike!!!)- fan in the bathroom, new baseboard heater, new electrical plates (which make a WORLD of difference) and I'm sure there is more stuff I'm forgetting!!

James had the brilliant idea of turning the one bedroom suite into a bachelor. That way we don't lose our whole basement and can have a student in that spare bedroom. HELLO GENIUS!

So we did some working and turned it into a bachelor! What do ya think???

WORLD OF DIFFERENCE HEY??? We'd love to transform that kitchen but hey, you can only do so much in your rental. How beautiful is that flooring? I'm loving how wide the planks are.

So the suite is done and our new tenant is moving in February 1st...what a WHIRLWIND! 

We have a few more renos upstairs but right now I'm trying to focus on unpacking and organizing the place...which sounds a lot more fun than it is..ha

Happy Wednesday friends!