Can someone please take me back to the Caribbean? Like back to this place above (Magen's Bay) where the BUTTERFLIES FLUTTER ALL AROUND YOU.

Meanwhile it's pouring rain here in Victoria and James just left for a ten day tour :( (#bandwifelife) BUT my hopes are high because CHRISTMAS IS COMING! If the new Justin Beiber album just didn't come out I would so be listening to Christmas music all day.

Any of you Sephora VIB's going to the sale this weekend!!? I'm going tonight and need to stock up on a few favourites of mine...

  • This mascara! I'm sold. It's been better than any other mascara I've worn in the past year.
  • My favourite toner. Love me some salicylic acid tingle.
  • THE BEST LIP BALM EVER. Since coming back my lips and hands are being annoyingly dry. They usually aren't this bad....must be Caribbean withdrawal.

Aaaaaand I'll probably pick up a few Christmas prezzies because you only get 20% off once a year!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!