hello weekend

It's Friday and here's to hoping on scoring BIEBER TICKETS at 10am!

Tomorrow I'm going to a pie making class with my momma and sister and I cannot wait!! We each leave with a pie and I'm hoping that we also get to sample lots and lots of pie....mmmmm.

James comes home in two days...BOOYAH. I've found this tour the hardest..probably because when he's away it's only me looking after our students. On the last tours if I was super tired after a long day of work, I could make a smoothie or eat a bowl of cereal and call it a day...not so much with international students...

Another reason why I'm so excited for James to come home is CHRISTMAS DECORATING can begin! He's going to build a mantle for our fireplace and I can't wait to decorate the junk out of it!

"Yes the world is scary as hell, love anyway." <------ yes. Love is what He asks of us, isn't it?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


P.S. Sorry I haven't posted as regularly as I usually do! I've been feeling a little bit under the weather...hopefully next week I'll be getting back to 3x per week! I still have lots of photos from our vaycay to share with you and oh my goodness, let the Christmas baking games begin!