Happy Black Friday everyone! I just did some shopping on the Indigo sale from the comfort of my computer chair, sipping tea and wearing my bathrobe OBVS...now that's my kinda shopping.

To be honest, with my changing body I don't really have the desire to go to a fitting room and try on new clothes right now, so I'll be avoiding the mall today....except I need new gloves because it's FLIPPING FREEZING OUT! These ones look cozy and they're on sale!  Ohh and also these cute joggers look real comfy. 

Who's ready for the weekend? Mine is a little crazy with Christmas decorating at the church and sermon prepping for Adore BUT my Monday is going to be spent putting up Christmas decorations in our home!!! James ordered our new mantle and it's ready today...hurrrah! Can't wait to decorate it with fresh garland. 

Well hope you have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back on Monday with a printable December calendar for you!


ps. above photo by Rachael Alexandra Photography