image by Ameris

First of all, how awesome is that pic of James? That was him rehearsing the song he wrote for me on our wedding day. He completely surprised me at the reception with the most beautiful song. One of my favourite moments of life thus far.

I announced on facebook last week that James will be playing keys with local band Towers and Trees. I'm so pumped for him. They're a rad band and are playing in Victoria in April, so you all better come out and support! And for those of you in other parts of Canada, they are touring! Check out their website to catch them in your town.

So I'm officially becoming a band wife. I'm stoked to support my man in doing what he loves to do. They'll be touring for 3+ weeks in April/May. That will be the longest stretch of time we've been apart for! It will be hard, but I'm a busy girl and like to keep it that way so you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be filling up those three weeks with projects round the home, finishing my current summit course, #clungtothejung wedding stuff and lots of coffee dates! But man, I sure will miss cuddling him every night...good thing I got Coco to keep me company while he's gone.

Obviously I'll be blogging lots about band wife life, and if you're in Victoria, be sure to come out to Towers & Tree on April 10th & 11th (I'm pretty sure the 11th is sold out!!)